How To Build an Online Store With WordPress

Create an online store and get acquainted with WordPress and launch is quite easy and just take a few minutes to accomplish. This period also depends on your range of products and your plans on the store design.

Following are the main steps to build an online store and earn money.

1. Create your online store.

You have to create a domain name (or .net, .org, .info ..) to open your online store and start launching for it. Choosing a domain name is the most important step, your expected domain should be easy to remember and match your niche.

Use WordPress as the platform to build your online product presence!  Almost hosting services has WordPress as a built-in application. You can easily install it with some clicks, or install manually by yourself. We recommend you use Site5 Web Hosting. The best hosting provider that we are using for our website. If this is your first time doing online business, use the built-in application to get started quickly with minimal initial expenses. Moreover, by using WordPress, you have a great chance to do blogging, almost visitors love reading your idea, comment and rating for the products they care.

3. Add products.

There are many ways to import product, you can use the Excel/CSV file to import the bulk products, but we recommend you to add product manually to make sure that product description are exactly what you want. Our opinion, focus on the product images and information videos to get the special attention and contribute successful sales.

4. Choose design.

When creating an online store, the design sometimes costs a large amounts of money. Consider your situation and find the best way to get your goal in attracting people or making money. We recommend you use one of our Best eCommerce WordPress themes to save your time and money.

The most important things for an online store are a good page layout, clear product images and descriptions, user-friendly navigation tools. These are the things we kept in mind when gathering the list of premium themes above.

5. Niche marketing

Niche markets are going to allow you to search for your competition. Find the niche markets and determine whether the market is worth the effort by a tool called Wordtracker. Define your competitors and consider focusing on a specific brand of products. Then confirm yourself by providing contact information like cell phone number, email address, your ICQ/MSN/Skype ID…  The customers would have trust in people who they could be able to contact if necessary.

6. Shipping and Payment options.

Think over the logistics chain of your store and provide shipping and payment options for your customers.

In Shop-Script, payment and shipping options are added: enter option name, attach appropriate functional module to connect it to your payment gateway or shipping company. Shop-Script integrates with major shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL) and payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, etc.).

7. Profit.

Earning money requires hard work. Be prepared to face the case that you would not receive any orders right after the start; it would take some time for the online store to get well with the search engines. Put all your efforts to control the advertisement, processing of orders, shipping arrangement and customer feedback. An online store requires more time and efforts to be well settled and made benefits.

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