Best Free Sliders for WordPress Sites

Are you building a WordPress website and looking for a stable, impressive and free plugin for your homepage slider? Collection of Best Free Sliders For WordPress below will show you plugins with the best quality so you can install and use them immediately from the backend.

Simple is the best! And sometimes enhancing a premium slider that can mess you up with lots of configuration. Free solution seems to be good in many cases. The recommendation is to try some free sliders before you decide to buy premium ones or not. The key to find best free plugins is from customer reviews, rating,  these are great for filtering out good options. I’m also curious to review screenshot tab and demo if existing. And the last thing is you need to install your selected sliders on a test drive before bring it to your current project.

Try out one by one following sliders, we hope you can choose a suitable option from our collection. Good luck!

Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Slider Plugin

Soliloquy Slider with responsiveness support is great for a dynamic showcase that you need to integrate into your responsive website. This plugin is easy to use and provides most performance optimized code for a WordPress slider plugin.


  • Custom post type for slider
  • Drag-and-drop slide management
  • Completely SEO optimized solution for slider
  • Full responsive (with touch enabled swiping)
  • Shortcode and template tags support
  • Metadata editing for each image
  • Smart JS/CSS loading support
  • Media uploader button for easily inserting the slider into your page (WYIWYG editor)

More Info and Download (FREE)


Len Slider 2

Lend Slider

LenSlider is hosted at This is a skin based slider and carousel plugin with beautiful jQuery/CSS3 effects that allows you to generate ones for your site.

Features of  LenSlider2

  • Disable for banners
  • WordPress 3.5+ support
  • YouTube & Vimeo video file support
  • Create and manage sliders easily within the WordPress admin
  • Skins based sliders
  • Slider Banners Sorter: Easily order your banners in slider via drag & drop AJAX
  • SEO Friendly images name, alt support
  • Slider and Skin Settings
  • Comments for slider (can be turn on/off easily)
  • Shortcode and php-code to integrate sliders
  • Thumbnail support
  • Page/Post/Category link insert helper

More info and download (FREE)


WP Slider Plugin

WP Slider Plugin

After installed, this slider has a dedicated section as the pic above. You can choose from 2 animations type: Fade and Slide. There are some other features that I think they will help you much: responsive (on/off), animation speed, touch swipe, pause on hover, thumbnail navigation,… The slider will automatically provides a shortcode then you can insert into anywhere (post/page/ custom code) you need. The picture below is the screenshot I captured from my testing drive:

WP Slider Plugin

Features of WP Slider Plugin

  • Unlimited Sliders with  unlimited slides inside
  • Responsive support
  • Drag and drop support for reordering your slides
  • Extendable with skins
  • WYSIWYG slide editor for content slide
  • Touch swipe

More info and download (FREE)


IvyCat AJAX Image Slider

IvyCat Slider Plugin

IvyCat is a lightweight template/framework based plugin for web developers like you to easily add an/many image slidwshow to a webpage page. This is one best free sliders for WordPress you may try.

Features of IvyCat Slider:

  • Use shortcodes to insert a slider to a page
  • Multiple slider groups support
  • One slider per page only
  • Custom post type for the slides
  • Featured image of the slide’s post
  • Easily order the slides of a slider
  • Changeable slide speed
  • Changeable FadeIn/FadeOut durations…

More info and Download (FREE)


FlexSlider by WooThemes

Flexi Slider

This slider is not a WordPress plugin, it requires you to add the code manually. If you need its effects and love custom implementation, you can try it.

Feature of FlexiSlider:

  • Simple, semantic markup
  • Supported in all major browsers
  • Vertical/Horizontal slide and fade animations
  • Callback API, Multiple slider support, and more
  • Hardware accelerated touch swipe support
  • Custom navigation options
  • Compatible with the newest version of jQuery

More info and Download (FREE)


Full Page/ Full width Background Slider

Full Width Slider

This is a greatly free solution for background slider WordPress plugin. This plugin has some limits such as the number of images per slider. However, it provides some great features: set background color for post, page and background color for image.


  • Add full page slider into your website
  • Up to 6 images to the slider
  • Single full page background image support
  • Different sliders to different pages support
  • Easily manageable back-end
  • 6 Great Backgrounds ready to use
  • Last but not the least its FREE
  • Easily set Background color for posts and pages

More info and Download (FREE)

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