Web Design Trends Into 2013

Web design trend into 2013.Web design has changed in many exciting ways. Early websites were designed to showcase new media capabilities and modern websites are designed for usability and style. Web design trends is too flexible to predict and it’s really important to understand how design trends are changing in the future.

CSS3 and HTML5

CSS3 and HTML5 are measuredly expand the capabilities of web developers, and easy to create Web projects. These are what designers need to base for responsive design.

When you run certain tasks, HTML5 can even replace Flash. HTML5 particularly contains elements for rapid deployment in a web page of any multimedia content: images, audio files, video files. With HTML5, websites can operate like applications. While these sites offer similar levels of usability as Microsoft Word, they are all accessible through a browser. In order to improve usability, this can be a great way to perfect data security.

CSS3 has indulged many web designers with many useful new features, including which animated buttons, drop shadow effects, falling from the plates and text.

Page design

Simplicity is popularly visible by the choice of color scheme. Favorite past colors are black and white or shades of gray scale but up to now, designers prefer to experiment with simple and modern colors: red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

In addition, the background site is not just a boring background color, and not even a background image. Background texture pleasing to the. The use of texture makes the design more profound, comfortable and sufficient.


In the future, interactivity will play a main role in website design. While modern websites do offer a reasonable degree of interactivity, sites in the future must be designed to engage consumers in special new ways. In addition, website designs in the future must be capable of dividing for computers, tablets and mobile phones. Since people access the Internet using a wide variety of devices, it’s important to make sure that a website is accessible to all of them. In addition to design, it’s important to understand how social media tools will change the way that people interact with websites. By using technologies, it may be possible for a business to improve branding and boost sales.


Skeuomorphs have been used on computers for ages – the computer folders are made to look like little cardboard folders, even though we all have plenty of those, the metaphor still works.

Skeuomorphics are at the heart of Apple’s new design ethos. On the iPhone and iPad, the calendar is made to look like a real-world calendar. Selecting a time for your alarm clock brings up an old-style rotating dial numbers. This style is being carried into the operating system with the new version. It is a style that Apple have been utilizing for a long time, but lately seem to be deeply promote. Especially on the iPad, which is a veritable smorgasbord of skeuomorphism.

 Authentically Digital

The Authentically Digital makes use of blocks of flat, bright color tiles to represent the different programs. These are not representations of real world items (“buttons” or “windows” or “tiles”), they are digital elements that can only exist on the computer. This look must be used in association with motion to keep it interesting – the actual elements are very simple, but they move smoothly when clicked to provide the user with feedback and guidance to what is happening.


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